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Placement Tests & Review

(given on your audition day)

On the audition day, a Basic Musicianship test will be given to determine if the student has the basic music skills needed for success in a rigorous music program. The test will involve rhythm memory and reading, pitch memory and reading as well as basic information about key signatures and pitch names. The test will be done individually and will last only a few minutes.  

For students who audition by DVD, the student will be asked to submit the name and email address of a proctor (teacher, band director, music minister) to whom the Basic Musicianship test can be sent. Further instructions will be provided when the student applies to Belmont University and requests a DVD audition.

Click here for more information about music theory at Belmont University.


(part of your registration process after acceptance)

Placement Tests in the secondary performing area and in theory and aural skills are given when new students come to register, in order to measure their current abilities and place them in the appropriate level of study. Placement tests are not used to determine admission to the School of Music. Transfer students must complete placement tests before transfer credit can be assigned. All music majors must complete all placement tests before they can be advised for registration. Music minors should complete only the Theory Placement Test, since minors do not have a secondary performing area. 

Secondary Placement Test
Music majors must complete a placement test in a secondary performing area when they come to register. Piano is the required secondary area if piano or organ is not your principal performing area. To prepare for the Secondary Piano Placement Test, you may use the attached Secondary Piano Placement Test Info PDF. If piano or organ is your principal performing area, you may select a secondary performing area from a variety of instruments or voice. Voice is the required secondary performing area for Church Music or Music Education majors whose principal is keyboard.

If you have no experience in a secondary area, you will be placed at the beginning of the sequence of study.

Theory and Aural Skills Placement Tests

The written Theory Placement Test is designed to place students within the Belmont theory sequence. For students who have had minimal theory study, the test may indicate a need for a semester of music fundamentals before beginning the major theory sequence. These placement tests will be given when the student comes to campus for registration for the first time.

Applicants are encouraged to prepare for both the Theory and Aural Skills Placement Tests with a thorough review of music theory. To prepare for the Music Theory Placement Test, you may use the attached Learning Music Fundamentals PDF, Theory Placement Exam PDF, and watch the video below.