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Transfer Applicants

A student who wishes to transfer to Belmont University College of Law must be in good standing at his or her law school to apply as a transfer student.  The student must also be in good standing at the time of transferring to the College of Law.

A transfer applicant must complete the College of Law's application for admission, submit a personal statement including why you wish to transfer, and register with LSAC's Credential Assembly Service (CAS).  Furthermore, a transfer applicant must furnish a letter of good standing from the law school of present or previous enrollment as well as an official transcript reflecting all academic credit earned at that institution.

All academic credits accepted for transfer must have been completed at an ABA-approved law school.  No more than one-third of academic credits required for graduation at the College of Law shall be accepted for transfer.  The College of Law shall accept transfer credit only for courses in which the grade received is equal to or higher than the grade point average required for graduation at the other law school.  Credit for any course required for graduation from the College of Law shall be accepted for transfer only when the course was comparable to a course offered at the College of Law.

All grades for which credit is transferred shall be entered as "Pass" on the student's records and shall not affect the student's cumulative grade point average.

A transfer student shall receive a class rank once he or she completes one semester of study at the College of Law.  A transfer student's class rank shall not displace any continuously enrolled student's class rank.